How to delete a Pinterest Business Account (3 quick steps)

Deleting a Pinterest business account may seem like a mystery, but I found a 3 step process to permanently delete a Pinterest Business Account without reaching out to Customer Support.

As someone who frequently has new blog and website ideas, sometimes I collect a few Pinterest Business accounts for projects I think I’ll start. Unfortunately, not all projects get done. And as a result, I need to delete the Pinterest Business Account I created. This was a headache in the past, but I found a quick 3-step process in the current Account Profile.

One quick note/disclaimer: I’ve only deleted relatively empty business accounts. If you have a full account and/or purchased ads in the past, you may want to check in with Pinterest Support first.

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3 Steps to Delete a Pinterest Business Account

The first time I tried to delete a Pinterest account I went around in circles with their email support and ultimately the account was not deleted. Pinterest has since updated the Account Profile pages so now you can do this on your own if you know the workaround.

Before I deleted my Pinterest account, I first deleted any remaining pins and boards. These accounts were reasonably empty, and unused anyway.

And one note before you start this process, double-check which email address is tied to the account. You’ll receive an email to delete the account immediately versus the 14-day waiting period.

1. Convert your Business Account to a Personal Account

The fastest way to delete your Pinterest Business Account is to “convert to personal account”. While there is a button to “Close account”, this option asks you to email Customer Support for assistance.

Going through Customer Support may make more sense if you have a long history with the Pinterest account, particularly if you purchased advertising. Since I needed to delete an empty, unused account, I was comfortable taking the quicker route.

Click the “Convert” button in the message box and the account page will refresh as it’s now a personal account.

2. Click Close Account on the Account Setting Page

Now that the account is now a personal account, you can click “Close account”. You’ll be asked to tell them why you want to close the account. I chose “Other”.

And then you’ll be asked to confirm closing the account. Pinterest will automatically send you a confirmation email.

3. Click “Yes, close the account” in the confirmation email

If you’re definitely done, no regrets, you can immediately delete the Pinterest account by clicking “Yes, close the account” in the email from Pinterest. For me, since the Pinterest account was tied to a project that I wasn’t going to do, I used the option to immediately close the account, and not wait the 14 days.

It’s up to you if you want to use the 14-day waiting period in case you change your mind or decide you could use the account for a different purpose.

Alternatives to Deleting a Pinterest Business Account

If you’re not sure if you want to delete the Pinterest Business account, you could use it for a different purpose. Update the account profile, including name to suit your new project.

Or you could also keep the account active and decide what to do later. Maybe you’ll think of a new project that you could use the account for in the future.

Over to you. Have you tried deleting a Pinterest Business Account? How did it go?

I hope this quick 3-step process of deleting an account was helpful. I know it was a headache the last time I tried. Fortunately, there’re a few steps so that you can now complete the process online, without going through customer support.

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How to delete a Pinterest Business Account