Is drinking cold water vs room temperature better?

Are you trying to drink more water and not sure which temperature is best? Drinking cold water vs room temperature is better depending on the situation. Here’s a closer look to help you decide.

Hydration and drinking more water was one area I researched while finding ways to reset my metabolism at 40. Sometimes I drink room temperature water simply because it is already in a glass. Let’s look at the actual temperature ranges of water and then the benefits of drinking cold vs room temperature water.

Glass of water when consider if drinking cold water vs room temperature better

What temperature is cold vs room temperature water? And what about warm vs hot water?

If you stop and think about it, how cold do you think cold water is? And what about warm water?

There is some flexibility in the temperature ranges for cold vs room temperature vs warm vs hot water.

Honestly what I thought was warm water was really room temperature water. And cold water is warmer than I thought it would be.

Based on lining up information from multiple sources, here are the different water temperature ranges:

  • Cold water is 50 to 72 degrees. 
  • Room temperature water is 73 to 90 degrees
  • Warm water is 90 to 110 degrees
  • Hot water is 110+ degrees and possibly starting closer to 130 degrees.

When drinking cold water vs room temperature is better

As with anything, it depends. For your current situation, a different water temperature will help you hydrate faster. 

Now let’s consider the following.

Which water temperature is better for weight loss

Drinking water can help you limit taking in extra calories by replacing sugary drinks with water or not overeating at meals. Water can help you feel full. 

The key when drinking water for weight loss is you are keeping your body hydrated to work efficiently. Water also helps your systems remove toxins from your body.

There are many online discussions about how much impact the water temperature you drink has on your metabolism. Does your metabolism increase with cold water vs room temperature or even warmer? The theory was colder water you would burn extra calories as it warmed up the water inside you. Related studies are not showing a clear metabolism increase from drinking cold water.

The key is to drink water and focus less on if it’s room temperature or cold when it comes to weight loss.

After exercise which water temperature is better

When we exercise we sweat, losing water. And maybe your body temperature is up. Drinking cold water can help reduce your core body temperature both during exercise as well as on hot days. Cold water is cooling you from the inside.

And drinking water all other times in between

Which temperature water is best for your regular routine? Your body absorbs cold water faster to help you rehydrate quicker.

Wrapping up. Is drinking room temperature vs cold water better?

When it comes to drinking water the most important part is we’re staying hydrated. Our body needs water to keep functioning well. For the most part, the water temperature is less important than simply drinking. Depending on the situation you will absorb the water a little better or faster with different water temperatures.

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Is drinking cold water vs room temperature better?