4 Ebates tips for maximizing your cash back

Ebates is a cash back rewards company that shares the affiliate commission it receives for your purchases with you. Having used it for a few years, here’s my 4 favorite Ebates tips for maximizing my cash back.

A few years ago my friend suggested I sign up for Ebates and sent me an invite that gave us each an extra bonus. Who doesn’t like an bonus? While I wasn’t completely sure how I would use it at first, I’ve learned a few Ebates tips to help you increase your cash back.

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What is Ebates?

Ebates is a cash back and shopping rewards company, originally founded in 1998. Ebates publishes affiliate links on their website which members click to go to the shopping partner site. When you make a purchase, Ebates receives an affiliate commission that it shares with you.

Aside from the Ebates website, you can access the affiliate links through mobile apps and browser extensions. They also send regular emails letting you know about promotions including increased cash back rates.

When I first started using Ebates I wasn’t too sure if it would be useful for me. I was trying to limit my extra shopping. Over the years Ebates has partnered with additional stores, so for certain types of purchases that I make, I go to Ebates first

Here’s my favorite tips to maximize your cash back with Ebates.

My 4 favorite Ebates tips for increasing my cash back

When I first started with Ebates I only thought about it as clicking a link and then making a purchase. Similar to my cash back credit cards, I’d received the cash reward at some point. And that’s completely true, but here are a a few strategies to help you to increase your cash back.

Shop around to find the store with the best deal

I mostly use Ebates to buy my favorite makeup products and occasionally handbags. These products are sold at multiple stores including the specific brand website, department stores (Macy’s), and speciality stores (Ulta, Sephora, etc).

Depending on the day, the cash back rates will vary. If you’re in need of a product, you can check which one offers the best deal and purchase through that website.

Stock up during a promotion

For the products you use regularly, keep an eye out for double cash back promotion emails and check the participating stores. Stock up on your favorite products and you’ll save a few extra dollars with the cash back promotion. 

The promotions are sometimes tied to an event or holiday. Watch your email regularly, along with your product inventory to know if it’s time to shop!

Stack deals to save even more

Aside from cash back, for me it’s all about saving money so I can continue to buy the products that I love. Yes, there are certain brands I’m very attached to and reluctant to change.

As part of a sales promotion a brand company is running, Ebates may also have access to an increased cash back rate. This is a great way to save extra money by stacking deals.

Three quick things to note: 

  • The cash back bonus is calculated on the subtotal of your purchase. That’s after any sales discounts are applied and before shipping and tax are added.
  • Use sales and the advertised cash back promotion on the Ebates site to know what you’ll qualify for. Sometimes you can’t combine an offer only advertised on the brand website with an Ebates discount.
  • Sometimes in a surge of purchases, it can take time to credit you for the cash back. It’s happened from time to time that the partner store misses notifying Ebates about the purchase. Keep an eye on your cash back statement to make sure it comes through otherwise, you can request Ebates to look into it by submitting a ticket. 

Get the Ebates Credit Card

Hear me out on this one for a minute. I know we’re all trying to avoid or reduce credit card debt. That’s definitely not what I’m suggesting.

I like to strategically use my cash back credit cards to save the most money when I can. I choose the credit card with the best cash back rate for that purchase and then pay off the balance when it comes due. I’m honestly trying to not overspend.

The Ebates credit card offers a 3% cash back rate on qualifying purchases in addition to the advertised promotion. I haven’t seen that rate elsewhere. For other purchases they have a 1% rate. So I don’t use it for all of my shopping, but I do use it when I buy something using Ebates.

Over to you, what additional Ebates tips do you have?

What additional Ebates tips do you have to maximize your cash back rewards. I like to shop around to find the best deal, stock up during promotions, stack deals when I can, and use the Ebates credit card to increase my cash back.

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4 Ebates tips to maximize your cash back