7 Pinterest Courses for Bloggers and tips for choosing one

Pinterest can be a great traffic source for your blog, but figuring out which strategies to follow can frustrating. Here is a list of Pinterest Courses for bloggers by bloggers to help you learn how to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

Are you struggling with gaining traction on Pinterest?

Despite using Pinterest for a long time, you’re not getting clicks to your blog. The traffic you dream of hasn’t materialized.

Figuring out the right combination of pin design and pinning strategy can be overwhelming.

7 Pinterest Courses you can consider to grow traffic to your blog include:

  • Pinning Perfect
  • Pinterest Ninja eCourse
  • Pinteresting Strategies
  • The Pinterest Launch Plan
  • Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing
  • Pinterest Legacy
  • Pinterest Powerhouse

After a few years of building blogs and trying to unlock the magic of Pinterest for blog traffic, here’s my roundup of Pinterest Courses for bloggers along with a few quick notes to help you find the right course to support your blogging journey.

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4 things to consider before buying a Pinterest Course

There are a lot of Pinterest courses available. Before you buy one, here are a few things you should consider to avoid wasting your money.

1 – Make sure the course is regularly updated

Pinterest frequently changes the way it ranks pins. Last year’s strategy may not be as effective this year. And Pinterest, just like SEO, is a long game.

Also, check out the course instructor’s Pinterest account. Do they look like they’ve had the success that you can learn from? Are they selling you strategies and learnings that have worked for them?

2 – You need to put the work in

As with all aspects of blogging you need to put the work in to see results. If you’re not trying the strategies and tactics you learn in the course, you can’t expect the results.

No course should guarantee miracles. There are too many variables that align for success. You can learn how to pin smarter and more efficiently to support your blogging journey the better.

3 – Does the course have a Facebook Group

One of the challenging things about blogging is you’re working in a silo. Being able to chat with other bloggers is useful to the learning process.

What works well for them? Can you ask for feedback or ask other questions you have about your blogging journey. A course-specific Facebook group is a great way to connect with other bloggers about the course materials.

4 – Choose the right course for your current Pinterest phase

A course that’s meant for brand new bloggers may not have the Pinterest tactics that you need to grow your success.

And conversely, buying an advanced course when your progress isn’t there yet may not be helpful either. Learning is great, but it also needs to be actionable towards your growth.

And one more note: this post contains affiliate links. This means I may receive a small commission if you buy through my link. You won’t pay any more if you use this link.

7 Pinterest Courses for bloggers for you to consider

Below is a series of Pinterest Courses for you to choose from. I have taken most of the courses noted below and added notes for those to give you my thoughts. The Pinterest courses reviewed include:

  • Pinning Perfect
  • Pinterest Ninja eCourse
  • Pinteresting Strategies
  • The Pinterest Launch Plan
  • Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing
  • Pinterest Legacy
  • Pinterest Powerhouse

Pinning Perfect

Pinning Perfect is an 8-module course created for bloggers and small business owners to learn how to use Pinterest to grow your page views and audience.

This course is updated about 2 times per year (sooner if there’s a major Pinterest change) and has a private Facebook group to connect with both the instructors and other students. The most recent update was just released in August 2020.

Cara’s Note: Pinning Perfect is the course I see consistently recommended as an amazing resource and after purchasing it, I can see why. It’s a comprehensive course updated twice a year. If you need to get serious about your Pinterest strategy and not sure where to start with the fundamentals, check this course.

In addition to the course being updated twice a year, Melissa and Anna also rollout fresh freebies in the course related to holiday Pinterest usage. I love the Pinterest templates included in the course and use them on my own projects.

Melissa works directly with Pinterest as part of her day job so you’re receiving up-to-date correct Pinterest information. In the course, Facebook group, and Lives you receive solid advice. So while this may be a larger investment for you, the long term access to their latest insights is worth it. You can also spread out paying for the course over two or three automatic payments.

Pinterest Ninja eCourse

The Pinterest Ninja eCourse by Megan Johnson of Love. Family. Health. covers Pinterest, branding, social media, income/monetizing your blog. Printable worksheets are also included.

This course is potentially better for Pinterest and blogging beginners. It also includes free updates for life and a private Facebook group.

Cara’s Note: I purchased Pinterest Ninja early in my blogging startup because it’s extremely budget-friendly. Megan originally launched this as an ebook and has since transitioned to a full course. The last ebook version was released in August 2019. If you need a budget-friendly place to start your Pinterest strategy consider Pinterest Ninja.

Pinteresting Strategies

Pinteresting Strategies is a Pinterest ebook turned course by Carly Campbell of Mommy On Purpose, which includes a series of strategies for building Pinterest traffic to your blog without a scheduling tool (Tailwind). In addition providing suggestions for manual pinning, it’s also available at a budget-friendly price especially if you’re looking for a manual pinning strategy.

Cara’s Note: Pinteresting Strategies was one of the first Pinterest ebooks I bought when I started blogging because I looking for strategies that would help me get started without huge money investment. And fast forward almost 2 years later, looking at it again I picked up new analytics insights I didn’t previously know.

The Pinterest Launch Plan

This ebook by Jennifer Maker goes through a 10 step Pinterest Launch Plan to drive traffic to your blog. She’s found a strategy that works and wanted to share the strategy, as opposed to a full-fledged course in an 80-page ebook.

Cara’s Note: I am a member of Jennifer’s Facebook group and watched her experiment in real-time. The ebook documents the same strategy she used to launch a new blog on Pinterest and get traffic quickly. Her writing is extremely easy to read and I love how Jennifer asked for feedback and made updates. This is also extremely budget-friendly.

I have used this ebook to help structure my Pinterest boards and prepare for a content launch. I’m also using her ebook and strategy to figure out my content strategy for a new blog so I can my posts to her approach to launching via Pinterest. You’ll have work to do, but this will help you connect the dots to make progress.

Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest doesn’t just have to be about driving traffic to your blog. You can also use it to help build affiliate marketing income. In Pin to Profits, McKinzie of Mom Makes Cents covers how to make affiliate sales directly on Pinterest.

Pinterest Legacy

In Pinterest Legacy, by Lisa Goodwin of 2sharemyjoy covers her Pinterest strategy for increasing followers, traffic, and income.

Are there other Pinterest Courses that should be included on this list?

This list is meant to be a comprehensive list of Pinterest courses to help bloggers find the right course for them. For myself, I haven’t taken all of them to give guidance on all of them. And asking others within your blogging network can be useful to figure out which one you should take.

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9 Pinterest Courses for Bloggers and tips for choosing one