Post By Number Course, my review

Are you new to blogging and struggling with writing blog posts? Or maybe you’ve been at this for a while and still not having your posts gain traction. One of my favorite places to check for ideas, especially when I need tips that work well for busy people are the mom bloggers which is why I bought Post By Number from Suzi of Start A Mom Blog as soon as it was available.

One of my biggest pet peeves is that everyone says content is key (yes, I agree) and that you need to write awesome content (yup understand that too), but the explanation around what that actually means is generally missing. Suzi’s Post By Number course helps connect some of the dots for better blog posts.

Yes I bought a digital product from a mom blogger about submitting guest posts to her site even though I’m not a mom blogger and it’s unlikely I’ll buy submitting a guest post to Suzi’s blog.

Why I bought Post by Number

Suzi’s income journey book was one of the first things that I bought when I decided to pursue blogging as a potential full-time path because I needed to wrap my head around what is actually possible (and the price of the ebook was reasonable).

Suzi recently released a new, quick course named Post by Number in which she shares how she formats her blog posts and requires her guest posters to do the same. I’ve been searching for ideas on how to improve my blog posts. Writing engaging content that ranks on search engines is harder than it sounds, but it doesn’t have to be with the right actionable tips.

Even though I am not her target market, I’ve purchased Suzi’s courses and ebooks in the past. So when she created a new course that was on a topic that I needed help with, I took the leap to buy as soon as it was available. I was looking to learn actionable ideas from a budget-friendly course.

What’s covered in the Post By Number

Post by Number is a quick course that shows the step by step process that Suzi uses for writing her blog posts. It’s also the process she requires her guest posters to follow. Even if you’re not a mom blogger or planning to submit a guest post to one of her blogs, this course still provides helpful tips for a new blogger or a blogger struggling to put together a useful, engaging blog post.

Post By Number is made up of 15 modules into 8 sections including:

  1. First Steps and Welcome
  2. Blog Post Topic
  3. Blog Post Structure
  4. Blog Post Content
  5. Blog Post Creation
  6. How to get Traffic + Exposure from Guest Posting
  7. The Critical Steps After Publishing
  8. Thank you!

The keyword research tips are in the Blog Post Topic section and the template in the Blog Post Structure section.

What I liked Post By Number

As part of my blog development and research, I was searching for ideas on how to write engaging content that ranks on search engines. It’s not really worth my time to write content that nobody reads! And overall, Post by Number delivered the content that I was hoping for.

From the course I learned:

  • Tips for keyword research on a budget (i.e. not recommending an expensive tool I’m not ready to buy). That’s in the Blog Post Topic section
  • Tips for promoting your guest post, once it’s published

The other key thing I was hoping to find and did, was a template on how to structure a blog post.

This course was easy to quickly complete because most of the content was written. Since I’m generally commuting while learning, I was able to read through the material without having to rely on extra bandwidth for video.

What is probably helpful to someone else

One thing to keep in mind with my review is that I’m not Suzi’s target market nor will I likely submit a guest post to her site so I can’t review every module on the course from that perspective. But given Suzi’s blogging success and I see her courses recommended in various Facebook Groups, I’m sure the modules that apply specifically to her guest post submitters will be very helpful to her true target readers.

Wrap up

Suzi’s Post by Number was reasonably priced, easy to consume course that provided me with the tips that I needed to write more engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts.

Some of the modules didn’t apply to me because I don’t think I’ll be submitting a guest post to Suzi’s blog, but for the extremely reasonable price, I walked away the information I was hoping to learn, making the course the time and money to take the course.

I’m satisfied with my purchase of Post by Number and recommend to anyone new or even anyone that’s been at blogging for a while but not really making process. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom blogger or not, there are actionable tips in this course for everyone.

I’m looking forward to applying her approach on my future blog posts!!

Post By Number Course Review by a non-mom blogger